Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Storage unit makeover

Glamorous, I know! My husband and I have minimal storage space in our condo, so we rent a small storage unit a couple of miles from home. Three yard sales and lots of charity drops later, we've finally got our storage-unit possessions down to what we truly want to keep: holiday decorations, musical instruments, off-season clothing and shoes, luggage, photo albums, golf clubs, nice picture frames and the like.

Despite our best simplification efforts, the storage unit was not at all organized:

Tsk, tsk. Items thrown into paper bags and shoved into the storage unit randomly. No placement of like with like. Unnavigable, inaccessible heavy boxes stored precariously sky-high.

This past Saturday, we bit the bullet. We took advantage of tax-free weekend here in MA and purchased a set of heavy-duty shelving and an extra plastic storage container just in case it would be needed. We then proceeded straight to the storage unit.

Corey built the (heavy!) shelves, which only required a hammer for assembly. I took bags, boxes et al out of the unit one at a time, examined the contents, threw away what I could (including tons of ripping paper bags holding random items), and clustered like things.

The result:

We were surprised at how little time this project took; it lasted maybe two hours tops. Now items are easily accessible and we know we've kept only those things we truly want and need.

What's your storage situation in your attic, basement, storage unit?

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  1. I moved into a new apartment with my sister in July and have been very good about getting organized right away, but my large organizational task is my craft area. We both have lots of craft items including sewing machines and a dress form! I am going to take a picture of what it looks like right now so that when it is finished I can post before and after photos!

  2. Laura, I'd love to post them here! Good luck and congratulations on your move!

  3. Yay us! Love the before and after photos. I feel much better now about the storage unit. I was always in fear of everything falling over whenever I grabbed anything. It was always an extreme pain to get anything out of there because I had to take everything out and put everything back to get at anything. Shelves = happy Corey!

  4. It looks so good! We should probably begin organizing our self storage in Edmonton .


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