Monday, April 25, 2011


I've written before about getting magazines and catalogs under control. I'd like to take this concept one step further and suggest that you unsubscribe from as many of these publications as possible--an easy action that's good both for the environment and your simplification journey!

Last week, I spent less than 10 minutes unsubscribing from four publications. I was expecting long hold times and inefficient customer service, but my experience was exactly the opposite. In most cases, your subscription number appears on the back cover along with the corporate phone number. You simply provide your name and subscription number to the representative, and voila! No more mailings from that company.

I snapped a photo of the four publications in question to illustrate how liberating this task can be.

  • My husband and I started receiving Game Informer after we bought a Playstation 3 from Game Stop in 2009. We never so much as cracked open an issue. 
  • The next three items, catalogs from Lehman's, Oriental Trading, and Paper Source, started appearing in our mailbox during our wedding planning in 2008-2009. We had utilized these great companies for decorations, invitations and so forth, but we've never flipped through the catalogs.
Do you receive magazines, catalogs or other publications that you could easily do without? Do you have 10 minutes this week to unsubscribe?
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