Monday, August 9, 2010

Live simply

My friend posted to Facebook a New York Times article on what makes consumers happy. While I can't see myself paring down to just 100 personal items (if you're intrigued, go here), the article contains lots of interesting food for thought on determining how dollars can translate into maximum happiness (e.g., buying "experiences" as opposed to expensive things).

For me, the article is a general reminder about what's important: social interactions with friends and family, and creating meaningful life moments.

I do not advocate for getting rid of nearly everything you own, but I agree with taking stock of your possessions and being conscious of what's a nicety versus a necessity. This will give you the freedom to decide for yourself which of the niceties you want to keep--and ultimately decide how best to organize them along with your necessities.

Organizing often involves introspection about what kinds of items are important to you and therefore worth creating space for. Who knew it could be so deep!

Is there anything in the NYT article that inspires or annoys you?

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