Saturday, July 31, 2010

Let's get started.

Hello, there! I’m thrilled that you’ve discovered Simplified by Sarah.

I’m not a professional organizer. I’m a busy 30-something married woman with a full-time career and varied interests that keep me on the go. I’m buoyed by quick lists, multitasking, easy organizing methods and decluttering. I make it easy to keep everything in its proper place without being too proper about it!

If you’ve got a lot going on at home, work, or school—or all of the above—welcome. You’ll get practical, simple tips on keeping it all together.

What will we organize?
  • Rooms (home, office, dorm)
  • Specific spaces (desk, cabinet, closet, drawer)
  • Stuff (decluttering, grouping)
  • Ideas (outlines, brainstorming)
  • Words (helpful lists, effective note-taking, concise writing)
  • and much more.


  1. Yay, Sarah!

    This is bookmarked! I'm going to try... :)

  2. What a great blog! And if it weren't for finding your mom, I may have never seen this! I thought I was an organized person, but after seeing your blog, I stand corrected---I am only more organized than my friends and immediate family lol! There are 7 in my household in a 3 bedroom (& one play area). there is only so much organization possible here anymore lol. however, when I go to organize for others, it comes out great. Always start with a box of lg blk trash bags, and 3 very large rubbermaids: must keep, give away, and not sure (this is esp good for those who never get rid of anything lol--usually by the end of the journey, only a minimal remains!!) Back in 2002, I thought clutter-cleaning was a great idea for a business (no one I knew ever heard of such a thing, and thought it a ridiculous idea). Now, there are tv shows about it! Ah, such is life. Great getting to know a bit about you thru this blog. God Bless!


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